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Looking Inside For Wellness

Over the last decade or so, we have seen a whole bunch of gyms (even women only gyms!), dieticians, cosmetologists, health foods mushroom across cities in India. They celebrate healthy living. The concept of health goes beyond fitness, but more importantly includes ‘Wellness’ where one is looking inside as much, if not more than outside to experience the benefits of health.

Increased curiosity for homeopathy; spiraling popularity of green tea over diet coke and organic over processed food; higher sales of Ayurvedic products; rise of Yoga studios and healing/meditation retreats are telling the same story – that of an emerging ‘wellness conscious consumer’.

This change possibly reflects a growing sense of readiness to take more onus of oneself and the shifting locus of control — from seeing outside to looking inside. It’s just not about looking good anymore, but feeling good too.