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Our service suite includes end-to-end research operations, project management, insights generation, and consulting. We experiment with a wide spectrum of research methods that is instrumental in helping us deliver meaningful insights. Most importantly, our insights are derived through exhaustive analysis that help to direct informed strategic decisions.​

Solution Spotlight

Our data comes alive for your business

Qualitative Cell

At GreyCells, our endeavour is to set the respondents’ mind free and take them with us on exploration trips. Our distinctiveness lies in generating meaningful insights by experimenting within and beyond a wide spectrum of known research methods and applying the most appropriate projective techniques to best answer the fundamental question being researched.

Quantitative Cell

Our quantitative arm manages quantitative processes irrespective of the survey instrument chosen, through market-level associations or in-house Subject Matter Expert’s in that domain. Benchmarking results and being able to take a longitudinal as well as lateral view of the parameters in question is our key strength.

Usability Studies

Without understanding the user’s response to design, it’s near impossible for teams to move forward with a set of prototypes. Testing is the only way to get the right UX design.

Online Cell

At GreyCells, we make research easy with technology tools at your fingertips. We conduct OBBs, online discussion forums, live chat, webcam interaction, blogs effectively. These engaging online formats lead to richer and more insightful research.