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Online Cell

Effective in reaching out to geographically dispersed consumers in an optimum time frame, online methodology has been especially used for hard to reach audiences and experts. It also works very well when used in conjunction with F2F. There is minimal bias as opposed to social pressure in groups. Anonymity creates the right environment –respondents can respond at their own time and pace, the responses are well thought out and more in-depth. Our recommendations are tailor made keeping in mind the specificity of the project/client (audience group and objectives). We often use a mix of these techniques with a focussed end goal of providing rich, meaningful and insightful data.​

Online Bulletin Boards

They invite participants to take part in online discussions facilitated by a moderator. Conducted via ‘message board’ format where the moderator posts questions and participants respond to the moderator and to each other

Whatsapp Groups

Experience shows that research is best done when people feel most comfortable. And, WhatsApp is the answer. Use of in-built tools like emoticons, pictures, videos and documents alongside great management features makes it a start research tool

Webcam Interactions

Webcam focus groups or interviews provide personal interaction of in-person research along with the benefits of online communication. The shared screen feature allows stimulus to be shown in real time settings

Video Diaries

Participants can create diaries about their experiences or opinions via videos. Creating videos from comfort of their place and time adds to the authenticity of the responses. These diaries serve as evidence for the research piece


Blogs are a great medium to rich and insightful data. Privacy in response time, using a highly intimate tool of writing as an expression, absence of researcher – all add up to making blogs a great tool to record bias free (almost confessional) content

Online Surveys

systematic gathering of data from the consumers. An extremely fast and efficient method which is characterised by invitation of respondents and completion of the questionnaire online