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Qualitative Cell

At GreyCells we employ a mix of traditional and experimental research methodologies, taking into account the questions that need to be answered.

Focus Group Discussions

The most traditional and reliable tool in market research, focus group discussions are useful in getting detailed and broader range of information. It gives the flexibility to accommodate contingencies by changing scenarios in mid-stream if need be.

Individual In Depth Interviews

This form of discussion helps in garnering individual and unbiased responses. Also, facilitates a really up close, personal perspective on the subject being discussed.

Ethnographic Studies & Immersions

These are highly detailed explorations of why and how consumers think and behave the way they do. The ethnographer immerses in the consumer’s lives, meeting in their homes, exploring their cupboards, closets and generally getting under their skin.

Mystery Shopping & Observations

Mystery Shopping relies on observation and recall, and can be carried out on both large and small scale across numerous sectors. Often, the process involves a researcher going undercover and performing specific tasks (purchasing, asking questions, registering complaints). The shopper then provides detailed feedback about their experience.

Co-Creation Workshops

Co-creation workshops are moderated face-to-face sessions with highly involved, handpicked participants to explore consumer needs and pain points, evaluate concepts and refine prototypes. These workshops help in providing ‘live’ insights to guide ideas and thinking.

Shop Alongs

Shop alongs works best when the objective is to see real time purchase behaviour. Here, the researcher shops alongside the participant and observes product purchase, cognitive processes for decision making, verbal and non verbal communication etc.

Narrative Curation

The curation is an innovative amalgamation of projective tools like Visualization and Storytelling which helps unlock the sub-conscious. It is an inquiry which is grounded in context – understanding the consumer’s lived history and its effects on his choices and decisions

Emotional Indexing

Edex or Emotional Indexing brings out psychological influences on consumers. It gives a real picture of reasons, drivers and feelings affecting ‘brand choices’. This also helps marketers communicate messages in a more meaningful and emotionally resonant way, as emotions get linked to the product/service category.


SPARKCELLS is a technique that gets respondents to give uninhibited and true response, capturing their self expression, attitudes and motives using stories as a medium. It has been seen to be especially effective with kids who are unable to break down the whys and logically build on their thoughts.

We use projective techniques extensively depending on the need and objective of the study. To know more about the projective techniques, start a conversation with us at