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complex, to provide
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Quantitative Cell

Benchmarking results and being able to take a longitudinal as well as lateral view of the parameters in question is our key strength. We have In-house qualified researchers with sound statistical skills and subject knowledge.

The team ensures strict norms and quality checks to consistently deliver across our 4 pillars:

Sampling: Reliability and Validity

Analysis: Simple insights arrived at with focus on detail

Project Control: Superior management across multi-cities, strictly adhering to tight timelines

Actionability: Relevant and on track – aligned with core objectives

We have vast experience in conducting interviews and collecting data for both continuous and ad-hoc projects of all types.

Some of our methodologies include:

1. Face to Face, Paper and Pencil Interviews

2. Central Location Test of products and concepts

3. Mail and Telephonic surveys

4. Programmed online research facilitated by tablets

5. Computer Assisted Telephonic Interviews