Knowing the India
inside every
Indian Consumer


Our services, offered for every stage of the marketing process, have been honed through extensive global experience, deep knowledge of the Indian market, its consumers and their cultural values.

We experiment with a wide spectrum of research methods, international expertise and learning tools that address fundamental research issues and that is instrumental in helping us deliver meaningful insights.

Most importantly, we provide actionable marketing solutions through compelling and concrete consumer voice. Our insights are derived through exhaustive analysis that help to direct informed strategic decisions.

Our 5 Pillars


Failing to prepare, is preparing to fail. We never fail.


The tools you walk in with determines what comes out of the mine.


Our solutions are applicable and compelling with a concrete consumer voice.


Discovery takes place in the space between learning from and unlearning of past dogmas.


The only aim of research should be to simplify complex issues.

Behind the scene

A Team Of Passionate Professionals

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