Blurred Visions

A case of emotional mind mapping

The challenge​

Lasik and Cataract are emerging as important domains for an eye hospital. Advancement in laser vision technology has reduced risks and increased open-ness amongst consumers in opting for it. With life expectancy on an uptrend, age related eye diseases like Cataract are also going up. Hence, one of our healthcare clients serving patients in this specific segment wanted to better to understand the emotional mind map of the patient (feelings, emotions, concerns etc) at various stages of Cataract and Lasik surgery.

The approach​

We choose In-depth interviews with client-provided database of Cataract and Lasik patients segmented by the recency of surgery.

The output

As we reached the stage of data analysis, it was found that while some attempt on this front is already being done, specific scope areas were highlighted to improve empathy, warmth and care that can be provided by the doctor and the attendant – infact the entire set up. Concrete issues and remedial steps delivered by the research were fruitful for the client in devising action plan for improvements in the areas of lagging expectation-delivery.