Youth And Mobile Telephony

A case of generating novel and usable learning in an over researched audience sect.

The challenge​

As for many other categories, youth is the largest emerging segment for mobiles also, apart from being a key image driver. Considering the increasing saturation in the market, this segment has gained greater prominence. However competition to any mobile brand would span across all that occupies a share of ‘youth’ wallet, and not just other players. Hence, to equip ourselves to answer these questions, we formulated a multi-fold objective.

The approach​

Our challenge lay in generating product possibilities that were differentiated and relevant than what was already galore in the competitive. We also had to step up our game and unravel youth trends beyond the obvious and known basis past researches on other categories. We dove in with focus group discussions spanning SEC A/B/C with graduate/post graduate/professionals, current and intending buyers for pre and post paid. Our techniques were mostly aimed to understand subliminal and unconscious buying patterns and thus projective techniques using Image Associations were employed.

The output

As the results streamlined, we realised that considering we were competing in an over-active category, the insights were useful in tailoring the product/services to their requirements. Youth marketing is always a stimulating topic but while it is an oft-heard and oft-read subject, the high point of this research was in its delivery to provide real usable learning for the brand.