Health Package

A case of occasional consumption to a more entrenched comprehensive habit

The challenge​

The company who will make a difference in the Health and Wellness area will be the one who can answer the basic question. “How can I continue to enjoy my favourite foods and drinks and yet still improve the nutritional value of my diet?” We had the task of charting the map to the fountain of youth.

The approach​

We first decided to look into the adventures and research of past-explorers on the topic. Secondary research was done to delve into some success stories in the category. To gain a broader contextual understanding of how companies have best tapped the growing health and wellness concerns. Moving ahead, ‘Friend’ triads and group discussions across audience groups defined by their life-stages were conducted to explore need states and motivations. Also to gain behavioural insight into segmented needs and to identify potential market opportunities for the client, face to face quantitative study was conducted.

The output

As discoveries were made, the Indian love for ‘samosas’ out staged the love even Romeo had for Juliet. What we found out was that despite growing number of health clubs, tendency to eat indiscriminately persists. Even amongst the so called ‘health and fitness’ conscious elite, fitness seems to be many times only superficially entrenched into lifestyle. Health is a true concern only amongst those fighting a health problem. It’s often not a preventive kind of thing…it’s as a reaction to existing health problems. However, certain healthy products have even entered the regular diet of mass consumers. The sale of health drinks, skimmed milk, and wheat bread has been consistently growing…a prime example to this point.