Evaluating Consumer Experience For A New ‘Transaction-Related’ Offering

A case of live experiences and task oriented discussions

The challenge​

The online world is in a state of constant flux. With new features and software getting published every second – it is necessary for an existing online company to adapt, and integrate various features and keep itself constantly updated. While this seems like a great option, each little addition or change in the existing format has a huge chance of effecting consumer perceptions and brand imagery.

With this thought in mind, an online-listings company was ready to take its core services beyond ‘listings’ to ‘commerce’. The concerns centred around the diversification and its impact on consumer perception and overall experience. It was also important to understand if the new offering was aligned to consumer expectation of the brand.

The approach​

A Qualitative research using Focus Groups Discussions across 4 centres – Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Jaipur was adopted. Service usage by the respondents during the group was incorporated to bring out ‘live’ experience in the discussions

The output

Animated ‘experiential’ discussions on the new offering clearly brought out the core benefits of use to the consumers as well as issues that pulled down appeal of the new offering. Thus, task-list shortlist was generated for the client with concrete ideas and suggestions on product improvement.