Taking On The Big Brothers

The case of powerful positioning and exciting creatives.

The challenge​

The fastest growing segment in the 2-wheelers market, motorcycles witness a fair flurry of new introductions. And in this category, where stereotypes are strong, and bigger is better, the marketing challenge was to launch a mini-bike with a unique positioning. The product was an amalgamation of bike and moped, and was being pegged against low-end bikes.

We decided to explore plausible positioning platforms and identify the one most potent for generating creative for the launch of the mini-bike. The challenge was that we had no time to go back again to the consumers with final concepts / ads, the research needed to provide definitive answers that would form the very basis for the launch positioning and creative. We had once chance, we had to strike it big.

The approach​

Our team decided on adopting the Sequential Processing of Ideas in a Focus Group Discussions format for positioning development. We decided to seek reactions to concepts developed in the previous group; rejecting weaker ones and exploring newer options if any emerged. A total of 8 full groups were carried out back to back where the creative teams were a part of this real-time development and modifications of concepts.

The output

Not having the time to go back to the drawing board after every round of groups, instead using the groups themselves as the co-creators (with creative supervision) was an interesting innovation. It almost merged the creative process with the research take-outs and proved useful in evolving viable position for the new bike as well as getting consensus of all stake-holders – strategists, creative and consumers.