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Defining Cool

An adjective, a noun, a verb …‘cool’ is a word which is profoundly used and inconsistently defined. But if one does get down to it … what really does ‘cool’ mean?

‘Cool’ at best can be pinned as a non-permanent idea…a concept…a thought – generated by external events. ‘Cool’ denotes positive affirmations thus the see-saw of ‘cool’ and ‘uncool’. The concept is also highly influenced by majority and multiplies with conformity – whether it was dowry then or homosexuality today; whether it was rock metal bands then or sufi music today; whether it was a lifestyle choice then or the ingredients of your lunch today.

‘Cool’ is a social phenomenon which responds to what we as a group decide it should respond to.
But maybe it’s not this. Maybe there is nothing to it. Maybe there is much more. Or maybe it’s just cool to let you decide for yourself.