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When it comes to beverages, Koffee has held an elite space in the category (even before Coffee became ‘Koffee’, thanks to Karan!). When koffee was added to the Indian grocery list, it was as an expensive, imported luxury used sparingly in a few households and not at all in many. Its association with ‘exotic’ so strong, that even the familiar Indian filter koffee was seen away from the category. Serving koffee to house guests, or ordering a cup outside was a status symbol.
Fast forward a decade, and nothing much has changed. Though the demand-supply chain has ensured higher availability and usage of the product but the imagery it holds in the consumer mind has not altered much. Koffee still personifies modernity and trendiness, a ‘we’ drink – a reason, an occasion to hobnob – enjoyed by all age groups. Meeting over a cup of koffee is the euphemism for catching up – be it for formal or informal occasions.

This makes one wonder about the stronghold of product associations in the human psyche and how possibly it’s true about what they say regarding first impressions.